The Agricultural Centre of Excellence (Agri-CoE) is a non-profit company established 2016, and functions as a collaborator, endorsing all expertise, technologies, and solutions your project or innovation within the agricultural impact development sphere might need. The primary dedication of the Agri-CoE is to Africa, its small and subsistence farming culture, and the drive to bridge the divide between their reality and the commercial agriculture business environment.

Further dedication, the Agri-CoE assists in the deployment of applied science and relevant post graduate studies through local and international exchange programs, aligned to your project and innovation. These studies could potentially be linked to other projects for developmental impact and duplication of the model or innovation within the continent of Africa. The intent and drive for you as project stakeholder or innovator, are to achieve excellence together with us, on all levels relevant to the realities of agricultural practices that can unlock dynamic funding partners and supply reputable data to proof impact for food security and industry growth within our continent.

The Agri-CoE deploy and enables Agricultural expertise of excellence for the mobilisation of the agricultural dedicated commodity industries, project initiation processes to implementation and management, business development and turn-around strategies, technology incubation, financial engineering as well as continual research and development.

More dedications are addressed:

  • The support of developmental practitioners with expertise to create wealth for all stakeholders and improve conditions for future generations.
  • Developmental models to utilise the most favourable human and natural resources as economic mobilisers.
  • The incorporation of businesses from a micro to a macro level, economically in a turn-key manner.
  • To innovatively apply bioscience responsibly through a knowledge and demonstration platform, transferring skills, training, and support through mentorship.
  • Building leadership capacity and true ownership realisation.
  • Assist with tools for transition management through an intuitive system that integrates and links all other systems.
  • To only be involved in projects and innovation which have a sustainable commercial impact.
  • Apply diverse expertise and systems in a transparent manner.
  • Projects and innovations to demonstrate turnkey, integrated development orientation through responsible execution.